Wednesday, July 06, 2005

President Bush promised

From Denmark that he would not choose a Supreme Court nominee based on his or her views on abortion. He said "I will take my time, I will be thorough in my investigation." That is something that I like to hear. One issue is not something we should base our decision of who should serve on the Court on, and it's encouraging that the President wants to interview several people.

Another thing I don't like is the talk of filibustering from the Democrats in Congress, and I don't like the negatives from the Republicans with regard to Alberto Gonzalez because of the perception that he's too soft on affirmative action and abortion. Granted these are two issues, not one, but my same position as above reigns here as well.

And just because I find it humorous (non-sequitur), the article mentions how President Bush lauded the Scandinavian country for sending hundreds of troops to Iraq, with the statement "We share the belief that freedom is universal and we share the belief that in the struggle between democracy and dictatorship you cannot stay neutral." The article, in the very next sentence, says "after lunch with Queen Margrethe and about 50 other guests..."
I find that humorous.

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momma said...

I don't think a monarchy is quite the same as a dictatorship. But it is funny. Bush is funny. He's like raw material.