Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday is Haiku Day!


3 weeks before school
Is the Panic setting in?
Or is it just gas?


gramma said...

I walked all over
Seattle yesterday - ow!
Boy, am I aching

I wait all week for haiku day

mlwhitt said...

I wish I could do an Haiku
But I just ain't that bright
Too bad because I would love to be that cool.

Cassie said...

I walked all over
Seattle yesterday - too!
and now I will write haiku

not as hard as I thought, not when mom does most of it for me!

Cassie said...

my husband made belt
for that I am a proud wife
now go mow the lawn!

English Professor said...

Only three more weeks?
I want it to go on. But . . .
My students await.

Michelle said...

These are all so cool!
Hi EP...come back we miss you :o)

Steve said...

Haiku are great, poems are great, random trivia is great. I have no phone lines at home, so I'm delayed in my replies.

sidcruise said...

I dont know what HAIKU is :( ...until now ..can you post something on this blog for the uninitiated ....! said...

hey, if you hold out on updating for a couple more days, this post will roll around to another haiku day.

Steve said...

Haiku is a Japanese poem that follows a specific format of three lines. The first line consists of five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five. They don't have to rhyme; and they don't have to make much sense, it's just something to brighten everyone's Wednesday.

gramma said...

ok sidcruise guy
your turn to write haiku pome
see if you have learned