Thursday, July 07, 2005


My daughter had a horrible first day at swimming lessons on Tuesday. She fell in the pool once, inhaled water while practicing her stroking once, and then the teacher got distracted with another kid while trying to put my daughter back on the step and missed the step, which resulted in my daughter getting another breathful of water. It was rather traumatic, so I wasn't surprised when she didn't want to get dressed for swimming lessons on Wednesday. After a while of pleading, ordering, and cajoling, I resorted to bribery. "Honey, get your swimming suit on, and you can have some of my Coke," to which she said "OK," and got dressed.
So, I give her some Coke. She drinks it, and says yum.
Then she takes the swimming suit off.

Lesson: be specific with your bribes.


Bookworm said...

Your daughter sounds like one bright little girl. I hope she recovers her nerve about swimming. It's such a great pleasure to swim, and so dangerous not to know how to swim.

gramma said...

That smart child is my little grandgirl. She is only 3, and outfoxed a law student. Hmmm. Steve, are you sure the right person is in law school?! said...

ha! steve, you were outsmarted by a toddler. that's hilarious.

Michelle said...

Distracted teacher? Hmmm, can't afford that in a pool. Try looking for a new teacher.