Friday, November 18, 2005

Bad Joke

A man goes to a costume party carrying a woman on his back.

Several people inquire as to what's going on, "This is a costume party, what's your costume?"

"I'm a turtle."

"A turtle? What do you mean? You're not wearing a costume, and all you have is that woman you're carrying piggyback."

"Oh her? That's Michelle."


heatherfeather said...

okay, i have one possible explanation for what that means and it's filthy. please tell me i'm wrong?

Steve said...

"I'm a turtle"
Why's are you carrying that girl?
"that's Michelle" (My Shell)

Kirsten said...

Ok, that's up there with your car pet sham poo-er or the termite and the bartender.

heatherfeather said...

WAY less dirty than what i thought.

kirsten's a smart lady.

Michelle said...

LOL!!! Ewww, Steve thankgoodness you turned down stand up!

Matthew said...

OK, it was a potentially a bad joke because I did not get it. However, when you explained that Michelle meant "My Shell," I got it! That is not a bad joke. Rather, it is quite hilarious!