Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random Trivia

Thomas Edison felt that the one flaw in the telephone was that it had no recording device, so you couldn't keep track of what was said. Therefore, he spent years trying to perfect an answering machine-type machine. He failed, and his failure became the phonograph.


English Professor said...

My beloved LPs--if only there were a way to convert them to CDs.

heatherfeather said...

conceivably you could via your computer! just put the line out from the phonograph into the computer and record it as a wav file, then convert to MP3 so as to not make it ginormous in size.

however, having a wav recorder is a bit dicier - usually the ones provided on windows only records 60 seconds at a time, and you have to buy one for something bigger... i have a box full of LPs that i'd love to put on CD. but i have no record player... sigh.