Saturday, October 28, 2006


I am a Michigan football fan. I've liked the maize and blue for as long as I can remember. My pa is an OSU fan - he's from Ohio originally, so we can forgive him that. Anyway, we both have our team to root for during the Michigan/Ohio State game every year. This is a good thing, and this game is arguably the biggest rivalry in sports.

Drew Sharp is a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. Today, I read an article of his that submits that if these two teams - two of the best in the country and rated 1-2 at this point in time, end up meeting in the BCS after their rivalry game, it would be bad for the rivalry. I think I agree with him. As much as I'd like to see Michigan in the title game, I would not want to see a rematch of the rivalry game, should Michigan lose. Same with Ohio State.

Of course this is all contingent on USC and West Virginia both losing and perhaps a second loss from Texas, before any talk of title game rematch would really come to bear.

Still, his point is valid, and I think he's right. Go Michigan, and Go Ohio State, but don't Go Together at the end.

Of course, a Playoff would be more appropriate, but if the NCAA did that, it would kill the annual discussion free-for-all ratings giant that is the BCS.

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