Friday, October 20, 2006


It's 11:38. That's not that late, especially on a Friday night - at least, it wasn't that late 10 years ago. Now, I'm exhausted and am usually in bed 90 minutes by now (laugh all you want; children suck the energy from you faster than those lights in office buildings).

I can't sleep. I'm tired, I just can't fall asleep. This is the fourth night in a row. Just too many things going on in my head. Schoolwork is a chore. Studying is tough going. The Career Resources office so much as said I won't find work with the grades I have, so I need to start clerking now - which is an impossibility with my and my family's schedule. This isn't to say we couldn't use the money - we could; there's just no way for us to fit my working into our schedule. We're compromising things as it is. I've got 7 months until graduation, then I immediately start studying for the bar 2 months after that. I have my MPRE in 2 weeks, which I've not begun to study for - I have no books or study materials and I didn't signed up for the MPRE review course that BarBri offers, and the WWJD approach doesn't work, from what I've heard.

My car is a wreck; I spent $200 on a new ignition today and I still need to spend another $250 on new tie rods, notwithstanding whatever else my car decides to allow to break on it. I haven't cleaned the apartment (I mean CLEANED) in at least 6 weeks. The cat is peeing on the landing almost daily now. I am on blood pressure medication and I'm 32. I've already had a stress test to make sure I don't have a heart condition. I can't qualify for the JD/MBA program with A&M. I want a federal job, but there's not a lot of pickings in the Houston area, and as much as I'd like to get out of Houston, my wife really likes her job and I'm not comfortable with completely relocating my family again - we got out of the military to avoid that.

Anyone want to hire a 3L with limited time availability, but a motivated desire to gain more legal experience, including immigration work, possibly education work, and simple family matters? And do you want to keep me on while I study for the bar? And maybe pay me more than it costs me to have the job?

I'm so tired.


Hannelie said...

My Interpersonal Skills unit lecturer told us the other day about her friend who is so arogant. Each time when she enters the carpark she says "today I'll get a parking close to the front entrance" and low and behold she does.

Another person reckon writting your goals down help.

Advice I don't have, but all I can say is keep your spirits up and be patient. You have come so far and you can do the last bit. Next year this time you're gonna re-read this post and smile while getting ready for your new job.

And I'll talk to Santa for you!

Gramma said...

Good point from Hannelie. Focus on the fact that the right job is waiting for you to finish school. There is a job there for you. You can relax about that, knowing you will find it when the time comes, and put your focus today on what needs to be done today. Let me tell you how terrified I was when my husband wanted out of our marriage and I had two children and no job. It will all come together, but today, do the thing that needs to be done next.

And your mom loves you and never stops lifting you in her prayers.

Bellejar said...

Hang in there. I strongly suggest talking to someone at any of the federal offices and state offices that are in the Houston area. I started at the US DOL here in Seattle.

I took an Investigator position rather than an attorney position, which basically means I build cases for the Solicitor General. These are "JD preferred" jobs. I got my job by being persistent. I started about 4 months before I graduated and I talked to them every few weeks. I also made friends with someone at the office.
Also too I think you may qualify for the veterans preference!

Anyway, what is it - the A's make professors, the B's make judges and the C's make money...