Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tag! You're out

What American child hasn't had several hours of fun playing tag? I'm pretty sure I played it every recess from 1979-1982, and several times after that. I don't think anyone ever equated this child's game with vicarious liability torts, yet one Massachussetts elementary school has banned tag, touch football and other unsupervised chase game for fear that children will get hurt and hold the school liable.

This is borderline ridiculous.


Gramma said...

Oh Dear. Tag has not been allowed at Tyee Park for as long as I can remember! And every slide has been removed from every playground. Also the little merry-go-round and the teeter-totter. The still are allowed to swing.! said...

When did kids turn into such wimps? I see nothing wrong with the way we were raised - bikes without helmets, hard cement & hot metal playground equipment, rocks, heights, hard surfaces, free reign of the neighborhood, no antibacterial anything. We were tough! We survived. Stitches and a broken limb were a rite of passage. Why are parents such giant whiney wusses now (present company excluded, of course)?