Monday, October 30, 2006

What does it take to win?

St. Louis won the world Series against the Detroit Tigers. While I'm quite disappointed, in that the Tigers are the team I go for above and beyond the rest, the Cardinals are perhaps my favorite National League team. I remember being a big fan of Ozzie Smith, Vince Coleman, Will Clark, Lonnie Smith, Willie McGee, Tommy Herr, John Tudor, et al. back in '85 when they went to 7 against the Royals. But I digress.

The point is, St. Louis is number 1, and Detroit is number 2. It doesn't stop at baseball. According to this article citing the reference book "City Crime Rankings," St. Louis is the most dangerous city in America, and Detroit is second. Now Detroit was number 2 last year as well. This is kind of embarassing. Really. If you're not going to get any safer, then at least you can try to top the list. Coming in second year after year doesn't help anybody.

I really hope that Detroit can get itself cleaned up again. I still blame Coleman Young for helping make it as bad as it is, and I'd like to see Detroit return to a place of prominence among America's large cities.


Hannelie said...

Ok I will keep my fingers crossed for your team too.

Gramma said...

I remember when Detroit had the dubious distinction of being nicknamed "Murder City." I also remember getting lost in the projects when I was a young college student...glad I didn't know what I was really getting lost in. At the time, I thought it was an inconvenience. Now I know it was a little more dangerous than that.