Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm sorry, so sorry

According to Yahoo!, Kim Chong Il is reportedly regretful of his decision to test a nuclear weapon. The DPRK is also reportedly not planning any more tests.

There are a couple ways to analyze this, but we need to be clear on one thing before we do any analysis: The Chonger is NOT regretful. He is NOT sorry, and if he thought it would enhance his bargaining position, he most certainly WOULD test another one.

As for the week-long delay in the rally, that's easily explained by the nature of the nation. These rallies are not spur of the moment deals. They are planned events, complete with directions on when to erupt in spontaneous applause.

Now, what could be the purpose of this release? Why would the Chonger allow his people to say he's sorry? It's an attempt to get back to the dialogue table; a way of trying to get into bilateral talks again, or, perhaps, to use the remorse as a bargaining chip. Whatever it is, this "regret" is political, not real, and shame on anyone who believes otherwise.

I highly recommend reading "The Two Koreas" for anyone who thinks they know what's going on in the country today. It gives a lot of important background information on the issues that face the country. It's about 10 years old, give or take, but it's rather relevant still. Much better than the talking points many "experts" who have read one or two articles on the country can provide.

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Cassie said...

In the immortal words of Tracy Bird:

"No matter what line we hand ya when we come draggin in

We ain't wrong, we ain't sorry

And it's probably happen again"