Saturday, April 15, 2006


The Boy is at a birthday party. I'm happy he got to go, mostly because he gets out with other kids his age, but also because it means that he behaved today and cleaned his room up. It's not clean. I don't know that it's possible for a seven-year old's room to ever be "clean," but it's going in the right direction.

The girl and the wife are napping. I started out napping with the girl, but the wife sent the little boy up to wake me so that she would have an open window to go in and lay down - evil wife.

The little boy is currently watching Barney and sitting quietly, not quite a nap, but not awake, really, either - he's very tired, but won't go to sleep. I think he gets his stubborn from his aunt, or maybe his mom. Can't be me, I've always been the agreeable one in the family.

Anyway, I'm using the time to post, and then open a book and get some reading done. I think I'll work on my paper a bit more this evening, after the kids are in bed.

Oh, and for those of you out there, you all are amazing, and I think the world of all of you!


Weary Hag said...

What a neat post Steve. I always enjoying a quick glimpse into an typical afternoon or evening in someone's life.

My daughter and I just colored eggs in celebration of tomorrow's holiday. This is our only stab at recognizing Easter anymore. She's nearly 20 and this particular ritual is one she swears she will never outgrow. However, she did refer to me as the 'egg-Nazi' because I hoarded and colored more eggs than she.

I said all that to give YOU a glimpse as well. :)

Loved the post and the very sweet ending. You're awesome too !

Bookworm said...

I am so envious. My children and quiet don't operate in the same universe. I still haven't gotten over talking with a woman a couple of months ago who described her children as "peaceful."

Cassie said...

I see that your previous posters have failed to stand up in defense of me. I must do that myself I gather.

I am not stubborn. I am not I am not I am not and you will never get me to say otherwise!

Michelle said...

I'm here in defence of Cassie!
Someone has to, and gramma isn't here to help!
Who knew Hag was an egg nazi??!!

You're pretty super yourself ;)

Gramma said...

Well now, I'm pretty sure the only reason Cassie had a child was so she would have an excuse to continue coloring eggs. When she turned 18 I refused to hide them anymore and she pouted...

Yesterday Cassie's egg career culminated in the church Easter Egg hunt. She won a prize when she was three, at the very same egg hunt that she organized for yesterday. The eggs were "hidden" all over the floor in the toddler room, and the parents of the toddlers all carried the baskets, pointed out the eggs, picked them up and gave them to the toddlers, then took them back and put them in the baskets. The toddlers, meanwhile, played on the rocking horse and the riding toys and the slide, and ate pretend food at the little table...

Now if only I could have watched the rest of my grandchildren hunt eggs.