Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scott McClellan Resigns

In another mix up of Executive Staff, Press Secretary Scott McClellan announced today that he would be stepping down.

Scott McClellan is the man who was videotaped coaching the military on who would answer questions during a Q&A with the President, as well as what they would say in response to questions. He's also the one who recently had to explain what he meant about documents being declassified "today" when they'd been declassified ten days prior (regarding the intelligence for going to war with Iraq). Scott McClellan's job was unenviable, and I don't blame him for stepping down. Ultimately, however, this one is probably slightly less than a blip on the radar.

Generally, I like that President Bush is doing some moving and shaking in his office. I think that he would be well served to change some of the bigger dogs in the administration, such as Donald Rumsfeld, but I think the constant calls for Rumsfeld's replacement has made that option impossible. As I said in Bookworm's room, I think the choice to stand by Rumsfeld is wrong, but the President is doing it for the right reason. But overall, he is doing what many of his critics have asked of him, and for that is a good thing.

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