Sunday, April 30, 2006

That MSM

You know they can't resist any opportunity to make the president look bad, and anyone who criticizes him is going to be a media favorite. Since we know that to be the case, it only makes sense that the MSM would spend so much time covering the correspondents' dinner last night reporting on Stephen Colbert's snarky, satirical speech. Except, in this article, Yahoo! only spends three sentences on it. I really didn't understand what Colbert said until I clicked on The Moderate Voice's article here, and saw excerpts of what Colbert said.

I think there's humor in what Colbert said. I don't think Colbert was exceptionally brave, inasmuch as he was speaking from under the umbrella of the First Amendment and had job security via Comedy Central. (Example: when referring to President Bush sticking to his principles - "When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes it on Wednesday, no matter what happened on Tuesday.")

I think that Colbert's speech is less bravaso than an indicator. The majority of Americans have been critical of the President, and many people have criticized his policy on television, in the papers, amongst themselves, and whatnot. That's normal. Any leader who makes decisions is going to have people critical of him, and President Bush has made many decisions that ultimately have looked to have been mistakes. However, it's not often that someone will look a leader pointedly in the face, in front of thousands (approximately 2600 people were in attendance according to the Yahoo! article), and openly lambaste him. That one would feel comfortable enough in this country at any time to openly mock the president indicates a general lack of respect for the president amongst the populace. That's bad.

when the president loses the respect of the people, then it's a short fall to losing the respect of other nations, which leaves us standing alone, which is bad for America. I'm troubled by this development.


~d said...

thru Juliabohemian to you: about the octane, wow, gr8 idea to look in the owners manual ( duh! )
its not much cheaper, but at these prcies, cant we all afford a break be it $0.10 or $0.20 ?? Thank you!

Gramma said...

The excerpts I saw on the news last night had the president taking potshots at himself, along with his lookalike. It looked to me like it was all in good fun.