Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday is Haiku Day

Must finish paper
So I can get extra grade
but I want to nap.

I look forward to your submissions!


nuje said...

Must hit kids with stick
No not my children, but the
neighbor kids who recently smeared cake, ketchup and egg all over my car...yeah, it'd be real fun to give those punks a good whack...

Ok, sue me I broke form!

English Professor said...

Will be gone awhile--
Qualifying exams week.
Send good vibes my way.

Michelle said...

Must finish paper
I must pass,hate to fail
too bored need more coffee

Gramma said...

State testing window
all must pass tp show guv'ment
no child left behind

ps, Nuje, the little s---s are probably covered by first amendment rights. Or maybe they are just stressed from the state mandated testing...the government doesn't recognize that some are just stupid and stay behind by their own will.