Friday, April 07, 2006

Re-ci-ta-tion time, come on!

So, I had to recite in Agency and Partnership today. I wasn't surprised, I've been due for a couple weeks now.

We started the Business Judgment rule today, and I was called on in part to discuss the concept of good faith and judicial immunity. It was going all right, I stumbled a bit until I saw that I'd highlighted the words "good faith." After that, we moved on to another speaker. The prof likes to bounce from reciter to reciter and gets 6-8 per case (I prefer this to rote recitation on one case by one person). After a while, the cycle comes back to me, and I expect to comment on reasonable under the circumstances, or informed and deliberated decisions with regard to corporate entities or LPs with one General Partner. Instead, the question I had to answer was "Who had the plaque on his desk that said 'The buck stops here?'" (Harry Truman).

Then we moved on to the next case and the next reciter.


Kirsten said...

Why am I getting a vision of Ponch on CHiPS?

Matthew said...

I generally enjoyed participating in class. I preferred professors who encouraged everyone to join in the "discussion," or recitation.