Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Additions

Here at the Binjo Ditch, we occasionally find new blogs that we find interesting, and as such, we decide to add them to our blogroll. This week, we've added two and a half. Small Town Girl, aka Lisa, of Lisa's Trucking Adventures also has a new blog - Lisa for President. She's running for President, as the title suggests, and that merits checking her site out. Additionally, David Schantz has a blog called A Republic, if You Can Keep It. Stop by; he has some good posts to check out.

As for myself, I will be heading out of town tomorrow, going to the Crescent City, where I hope to enjoy their rolls (get it?). I will be volunteering with other students from my and other law schools to help the residents and workers of New Orleans with the legal issues that follow natural disasters. I look forward to this, but am anxious, as well, as it will be legal work of a manner I've not done before. However, I will be helping many who need help, and I will be helping myself, by filling out my pro bono honors hours and getting myself some more valuable experience. As such, blogging will probably be scant over the next week, if at all. I look forward to giving everyone the rundown when we get back.

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Papamoka said...

I wish you all the luck in the world Steve in your pro bono work. Just keep in mind that your education and experience is far greater than the people you are helping.

God bless ya my brother from another mother...