Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've been fortunate enough to have three children, all of whom have loved the musical Cats at some point in their young lives (usually between 2 and 4).

Right now the Apple is going through his Cats phase. He loves dancing to the introduction, as well as for the Rum Tum Tugger. His favorite cat is Mr. Mistoflees, and he gets animated and excited EVERY TIME McCavity shows up (Daddy! Macabidy! Macabidy dere! Oh no!). Then when McCavity leaves after the big fight, ("Daddy, where Macabidy go? Macabidy not dere!")

I find I prefer Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser myself, though I do enjoy Gus's story. There's just something about the poor old guy remembering what it was like when he was in his prime. Perhaps its the sense of inevitability to it; I don't know.

Anyway, we're watching Cats again. To be honest, I'm surprised the tape isn't dead yet, as much as it's been played over the past six years. Maybe I can assist it's demise one night while the kids are asleep...

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Anonymous said...

Cats was the first live performance I watched as a kid. My favorite song was McCavity. I also liked Skimbleshanks, the railway cat.

If your tape goes dead, you can borrow mine.