Monday, June 04, 2007


I finished my last final 25 days ago. I finished my first project on April 24. I graduated on May 19, and I have been in bar review for the last 3+ weeks.

And today I got my first grade for the spring semester.

And I'm disappointed with what I got - I should have done better.

That said, it was not a bad grade.

But I shouldn't have to wait nearly a month to start getting grades (or over a month, depending on how you look at it). This is what frustrates me.


Anonymous said... sucks having to play the waiting game. It seems, though, that the grades have been coming in earlier with Stanley. Last summer I didn't get any of my grades until mid-July.

I'm assuming that you got the NS grade today since I got that grade too. I'm happy with the grade that I got...considering I realized at the last minute that I wouldn't be able to use my laptop.


Steve said...

I would bet that you did better than I did. I felt good about the subject matter, but I didn't answer as well as I should have. I think I rushed, because it was my last final and I wanted to get out quickly.

Anonymous said...

At least it's over and done with for you. I wonder how Laura did. She's on my MySpace.

I'm sorry that you were forced to use Stanley to access your grades. And you were doing so well at not using it during the school year.

-Jamie! said...

I wish the school would figure out how to make a DIRECT LINK to the grade checker, so we don't have to click on 15 different screens to check grades. Sooooo annoying!

Also annoying? No CTA grade yet - how much time does he need? Please. I mean TWELVE STUDENTS. Is it that hard? He just gives almost everyone a B anyway.

One of the two grades I got so far tied with my lowest grade for lowest grade in law school. The first time I got that grade a year ago, I was crushed. This time, I just shrugged, and said, "Eh, whatever." The grade probably pretty accurately reflects my grasp on the subject matter anyway.