Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

My children are currently watching the Berenstain Bears, on PBS, based on the books by Stan and Jan Berenstain. I remember reading a book called "The Spooky Old Tree," when I was the Boy's age. It was a book written by Stan and Jan Berenstein - a Berenstein Bears book.

I don't know when the change came, and I'm not sure (though I have a suspicion as to) why they changed. I think it's unfortunate that whoever made the decision to change the name felt obligated to.


Anonymous said...

Steve Johnny Rivers did Tears of a Clown also. Pretty good rendition also.

Steve said...

I'm guessing that you meant to post this on the next post after this one. I think I remember the Johnny Rivers version, but, not unlike Gloria, Hazy Shade of Winter, and many others, it's not as good, and the original should probably have been left alone.

Anonymous said...

Do they actually pronounce it differently too? Berenstain doesn't have as good of a ring to it.

The Berenstein books have become so popular and widely known, I have no idea why they would want to change their name now.