Friday, June 15, 2007

So Much Fun

I have had a busy day. I started by getting up and renewing the registration on my Escort - I had to renew it, so that I could keep from having it towed from the apartment complex, based on their threat of an express breach of our contract (and the potential for trespass to chattel or possibly conversion). Interesting sidenote - in Texas, you are required to get new license plates on your car every seven years.
Then I had to get from the courthouse to the Arabia Shrine Temple so that I could make it to Bar Review - this turned into "what's the longest amount of time one person can take to drive 15 miles?" I had to avoid the freeway, thanks to a nice sized backup on the Katy (this is the freeway that made headlines because it's being expanded to 24 lanes), and had to resort to side roads to get down to the temple. Surprisingly, I made it in 45 minutes, which is not bad, considering.
Then we had the MPT review at Bar review - talk about a scintillating 3 hours!
Then it was a 35 minute drive up to the general vicinity of the Title office - so I could get a replacement title for my Ford Escort, so that I can sell it to some junkyard. Well, after getting in the general vicinity of the title place, I had to drive around it (seriously, I drove more than all the way around it, because the entry I could have taken was not labeled, and it took me an extra 10 minutes, and a stop at the license office, which I didn't need to visit today) to get to the parking area. Then, I got to wait in line for half an hour to be told that I couldn't get a title, because my title is in Maryland, and I hadn't released the title to Texas when I registered here, which was odd, because I did have a Texas title at one point in time... I decided not to argue, I was tired and winded from having to run to my car and back to get the new license plate numbers I'd received this morning. So I have to call Maryland and ask them nicely to send me a replacement title, to a new address, which is about 6 addresses removed from where I lived when I got the first title.
Then I got home, had lunch, got a message from my wife who had a shorter day at work today than normal. She was on her way home, and we decided we should go get presents for the Apple, whose birthday is coming up. So she got here, we got in the car and drove out to the store, where every person in the store was determined to stop their cart right in front of us, block the entire aisle, and keep us from getting by while they either (1) looked at stuff directly across from where they stopped, or (2) had a leisurely conversation about such important topics as what new lotion they used, how aunt Mae is doing on her new diet, or if they had a pulse...
We finally finished, and even managed to get some cat litter (I still think that we can solve the "cat peeing and pooping on everything" problem by not feeding it, but I keep getting trumped). Then we proceeded home for an hour of quiet time before we had to pick up the kids from daycare. My wife fell asleep, and I watched Cyberchase - don't tell me married parents don't know how to have fun.
Then we picked up the kids. The Boy apparently decided that he was going to see Nancy Drew this evening - I'm not sure how he figured that out, but whatever. We told him we'd think about it after dinner, Chicken and Dumplings, which he decided was worth the torture of eating for the opportunity to go see a movie. Turned out the movie started too late for myself of the wife to take him to see, so I think he'll get to go tomorrow after bar review.
This led to the most insane hour of any human being's evening - the hour before bedtime for three children. For some reason, all three of them have decided that they 1 - cannot play any games that are quiet, 2 - cannot read any books, 3 - cannot do anything below 120 decibels, 4 - cannot listen to their parents until they are being yelled at with the requisite vein-popping, or 5 - keep from injuring the others, or being injured themselves. You might be surprised at the new, numerous, and ingenious ways these three children find to injure themselves. It's quite a feat, and I think Guinness might have to make a visit here shortly...
Anyway, now I'm studying for class tomorrow - I'm exhausted, and probably should be asleep, but the kids are still awake and I'm pretty sure they're just waiting for me to fall asleep so that they can start their experiments.

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