Friday, June 29, 2007

Taking a Break From All Your Worries Sure Would Help a Lot

I need to get to the Y. But my Gym clothes are in the dryer.

I'm so tired - I need to rest, but I really can't nap - not enough time.

I shouldn't be blogging, but I need to work myself back up to studying, which I'll do once I get to the Y.

I should be reviewing Bankruptcy, though, or at least previewing Agency and Partnership.

Does anyone want my kids for three weeks in July? I promise I'll try to remember to take them back.


Anonymous said...

Just put your kids in the backyard and lock the doors until you are ready to let them back in. I knew someone who told me that's what his parents did to him. He eventually got through his period of drinking and drug using and turned out all right.


jae said...

Good luck. Been there, done that.