Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Next Day

I was complaining yesterday about how I had finally received my first grade. It was a good grade; not my best, but not far from it. Today, though, I got my second grade - from the class I felt least comfortable in - so imagine my surprise that it turned out to be my first A in law school. I'm rather happy about this. I just need 2 Bs and a B+ now and I will have achieved my first goal for the semester. If I can manage 2 A minuses and a B, then I will have accomplished my secondary goal. It's a little late for me to alter what I've done, but here's hoping I did enough. Cross your fingers for me!


Anonymous said...

congrats Steve! That's awesome.

Grades are such a crapshoot. Would you believe it if I told you that I actually got a D+ in one of my classes this semeser? Total surprise, kinda knocks the wind out of ya.


Steve said...

I was fortunate enough to get my D+ out of the way first semester of second year. Given the choice, I would have avoided the D+ altogether. The A feels much better.

Sorry about the grade - it sucks that it came in the last semester.

Hope bar studying is going well. I'm doing all right with the multistate questions, and while I know "the answer" with the essays, I don't quite know how to answer them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the first A.

By the way, Dean Burnett HATES me...will fill you in on my LJ later (my laptop is currently in the shop).


red.hot.mamma! said...

CTA grades are up. Exactly what I was expecting, exactly what he gives just about everyone. In fact, I got my last 2 grades today, so that's it for me & law school. I finished average, not strong, but I was expecting that in a semester when I did not give a damn. Congrats on finishing strong yourself, Mr. H!

Steve said...

I can't believe that jerk gave me a B. I worked my ass off in that class.

red.hot.mamma! said...

Focus on the A. Forget that stupid CTA class. It was evil from the get-go, but uh, you got some skillz from it?

Steve said...

I'm not disappointed that I took the class, RHM. I got a lot out of it. I just didn't care for the grade I received in light of the effort I not only put in to preparing for class, but that I know I performed more and better than others in the class and I got the same grade as they did (or possibly lower).

I mean, I never skipped class because I wasn't prepared, as 3 of our classmates did.

And I still haven't attempted to buy a skyscraper for the homeless masses to sell T-shirts in.