Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bush Derangement Syndrome

One of the favorite lines of the 20 something percent of Americans who still support President Bush like to spout out against anyone who dares to question the Dear Leader is that those who are questioning the Decider are suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, or BDS.

This is because nothing that has happened in the past six plus years are President Bush's fault. We need to remember this.

It wasn't his fault that No Child Left Behind ended up leaving hundreds of thousands of children behind, what with test scores being lower, discipline being worse, and fewer funds going to activities that could keep those children active, engaged, and interested, or counselors to identify the problems students are encountering outside the classroom.

It isn't his fault that God speaks to him and guides him in his decisionmaking. That should go to show the infallibility of his plans and decisions.

It wasn't his fault that the military "found" a tape of a guy who looked like Bin Laden in 2002 discussing Al Qaeda's role in 9-11 (though he does get some points, because it turned out whoever he told to make that tape was right, ultimately).

It wasn't his fault that Iraq didn't have WMDs, wasn't involved in 9-11, or most of the other justifications for liberating those people, so that they never have to worry about violence on their streets again.

It wasn't his fault that he staged a round table discussion with officers to look like it was a genuine discussion with troops about the goings on in Iraq.

It wasn't his fault Donald Rumsfeld criticized one of his troops for daring to ask about going to war ill-prepared with the now-famous "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had."

It wasn't his fault Terri Schiavo's husband did have the right to make the decision he did and the President couldn't stop it no matter what he told Congress.

It wasn't his fault he said you always err on the side of life, and then declined to send aid immediately in the midst of reports that there could be overtopping of the levees in New Orleans after Katrina. "You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie!"

It wasn't his fault the Iraqi soldiers didn't stand up.

It wasn't his fault the insurgency wasn't in its last throes, as Dick Cheney suggested.

It wasn't his fault the Mission Accomplished banner hung directly behind his head so everyone could see it. They should have known the banner referred to the ship, and not taken the implication that the banner referred to Iraq.

It wasn't his fault the tapes of Abu Graib got out.

It wasn't his fault people don't like the idea of their phone lines being wiretapped without a warrant, or that the pesky 4th amendment still exists.

It's not his fault that Alberto Gonzales went to John Ashcroft's bed while Ashcroft was heavily sedated to try to wrest an OK to go ahead with said wiretaps, then justify it by saying "there are no rules."

It's not his fault Libby was arrested, indicted, tried, and convicted with regard to the Valerie Plame affair. It's not his fault Libby's sentence was commuted - oh, wait. Yes it was.

It wasn't his fault the AG fired seven prosecutors for not going after democrats fast enough, or (gasp!) for daring to go after Republicans!

It wasn't his fault the presidents before him did not make quite as much use of the signing statements as he did. Seriously, didn't they realize that they could keep themselves from being held accountable to any kind of law by simply saying it doesn't apply to them when they sign it?

And, of course, it's not his fault that the democratic majority in Congress, elected as a result of America's disgust with the Republican Party, dare to choose their own path instead of blindly following the orders of the least popular president in 35 years.

Seriously, people. Give it up. You're making America weaker, and your traitorous behavior emboldens the enemy.


nuje said...

Who are you rooting for in '08? Not that it's anyone's business...

Steve said...

For now, I like Richardson. However, I'm a little intrigued by Ron Paul. I have to do some more research on him before I say I like him. If the nominations go to Clinton, Edwards, or Obama, and Thompson, Giuliani, or Romney, then I will go third party.