Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Night Lights

But not the football kind.

We're going late again tonight, to make sure that we are OK as far as this stuff goes. We're going to go over Criminal Procedure tonight, I believe (though it might be civil - I have to check the books again).

We have four days until the bar. I think everyone in the family is looking forward to coming out of this tunnel, though it would be nice to have something other than just light at the end of it. But we'll worry about that after next Thursday.

Wish us luck - we're almost there!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck son. You have it. I am sure you will be fine.


PAPA! said...

Kick some boo-tay, Steve! Stay calm, breathe, remember that you know this stuff. You'll do great! And hopefully you & the family can come check out all the Central TX has to offer sometime & visit me.