Monday, July 16, 2007


I should be studying right now. I probably should be looking up Guardianships, since I didn't get to that last night.

Instead, I have spent the better part of the last 90 minutes dealing with an Apple that came home from daycare this evening with headlice.


jae said...

Use tea tree oil. Or shampoo with coconut oil. We got one of ours sent home with headlice no less than 8 times for three years straight until I finally discovered tea tree oil. It's not pesticide (bonus) and it works fast. It kills buggies and makes the nits easier to come out (also recommend the LiceMeister brand comb because it works a million times better than other brands).

Pour on the tea tree oil (you don't need much. A small bottle will last a LONG time), let it set for a minute or two, then rinse it out. Comb. It also helps prevent reinfestation so you can use it to treat other people in the house who don't have it.

I swear by it and we've had to comb enough heads to have experience to say so. Tea tree oil and vacuum cleaner are your best friends in this case.

good luck.

Cassie said...

oh jeez. That's one of my biggest fears. So much work to do and you can't rest until it's done and if you miss one; you're toast.

Steve said...

Thanks Jae. The tea tree oil seems to have done the trick, though since my boys are in need of haircuts (as am I), I had some trouble getting down to the scalp.

But, no friends have been spotted since, and The Boy complained of no itching since.

And, best of all - we managed to get in bed by 10:15 last night after watching an episode of Scrubs.