Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Morning

I woke up to The Boy's alarm at 6. He set the snooze, twice, so I got to hear the alarm three times total. Yay.

The princess came in to show us that she got all dressed and ready and aren't we proud of her? Of course, but we'd be even more proud if she did this on school days vice Saturday.

The Apple comes in next telling me I need to get up (to which the wife laughs quietly). He needs to "munch some popcorn! Come on, daddy!" He then proceeds to grab me a shirt and shorts so I can go downstairs with him.

I get downstairs, make breakfast for the apple while the other two kids are taking turns on the DS. It's almost seven now. If it were a weekday, we'd be on schedule for daycare departure, which for whatever reason is a struggle to do on weekdays.

Then I had to clean up the cat poo on the landing, and change the litter box. So much fun. Next were the dishes, which I washed with much aplomb, including the coffee pot, so that I could make coffee for my dear spouse who slept in. She deserves it, inasmuch as I'm going to be studying for the bar yet again.

Bar study is not as much fun as it sounds. I'll go over the test after the exam.

Time to get back to work.

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