Saturday, February 07, 2009

How Can You Compromise?

I have heard recently that the recent attempts to reach a compromise on the stimulus package that President Obama is attempting to get passed has turned into a "victory" for the Republicans. Apparently, (and I really haven't paid close attention at all, so I could be far, far off base on what I understand) President Obama went in a spoke with the house Republicans. They explained their hesitancy with the bill the President wanted. They suggested alternatives. The President yielded some, but not completely. As such, the Republicans voted no en masse.

Now, the quagmire has become a "victory" or, at least, an "opportunity" for the GOP, according to some. Because they didn't want to play nice.

I don't know if the stimulus is the right thing. I don't know if it will work. And, I really don't know how much different either side's position is. But that's not really the point. The point that I see with this situation is this: You can't compromise when one side refuses to yield at all. It bothers me, that after 8 years of stubbornness - "do it my way, or else" from the White House, we have an executive that understands that no political party has the exclusive on good ideas or what's "best" or "correct," and we have a minority party that refuses to even come close to playing nice.

Evidence that the President is attempting to compromise? The Democrats are reportedly unhappy with the bill, as well, now. And we all know a good compromise leaves everyone unhappy.


jae said...

Leaving everyone unhappy isn't necessarily a sign of compromise. It's could also be that he's so far out in left field with his thinking that *even* his own party thinks he's crazy. It that's the case, I wouldn't expect anyone to play nice.

DB said...

If anything is going on with the stimulus bill, I am willing to bet that it has more to do with pure politics than it does with economic principles. What we are seeing here is a huge pissing contest and PR game. The Democrats aren't winning this image battle.