Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Tires

The minivan's tires are bald. I mean, really bald. Tread is showing in multiple spots on one of them, and all of them are looking pretty haggard.

So we're getting new tires today.

Being strangely finicky about what I'm picky about, I have taken to shopping around for tires. Last year, when I was getting new tires for the Chevy, I ended up getting Goodyear Assurance. I originally was looking for Michelin Destiny, which I understand has a great tread life and isn't too loud, but Discount Tire (great place to buy tires) didn't have any. I am happy with the Assurances. They are smooth, handle very well (particularly compared to the 7 year old Bridgestones that were original on the car), and increased our gas mileage noticeably.

So when I was looking for something for the minivan, I figured I'd look at the same place. The prices are a bit high for what I was willing to pay for the minivan's cars, as I don't expect to keep it for more than another couple years. So instead, I'm looking at Firestones. I used to exclusively buy Firestone, not necessarily by conscious decision, but because whenever I needed to get new tires, the closest shop was invariably a Firestone. I don't have any issues with them, but I think Goodyear quality is a little better - something I noticed when I had to replace a dead tire on my Escort. Anyway, I'll be going in today to replace the tires; hopefully it will go fairly quickly.

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