Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hypocrisy Inaction

According to a recent poll, 74% of Republicans are worried about the deficit.

While that is indeed something that deserves worry, and it's certainly an issue that needs to be tackled, let us not forget that of these selfsame "conservatives," only 45% were worried about the deficit in December (when there was a Republican in office).

This is the same party whose most recent Vice President once stated "deficits don't matter."

Like Andrew Sullivan, I am glad to see fiscal conservatism return to the GOP, and amused by the timing of this moment of clarity. I wish I could believe that it was sincere, and not a knee-jerk partisan stance, but I need some evidence of bipartisanship, particularly in light of the Republican near-lockstep refusal to participate in the President's stimulus plan.

Calling for an investigation would be a good start.

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DB said...

It is convenient that these conservative all of a sudden have principles, huh? I'm not falling for it. I read somewhere that a bill has been introduced in Congress to reallocate the money being rejected by Jindal and Co. Let's see how strong their principles are when their bluff is called.