Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Just In - Bush is a Four-Letter Word

At least, that's what this Yahoo! article says.

Apparently, some in the Republican party are starting to recognize that the past 8 years didn't go so well. While I'm glad that this galvanic reaction has finally arrived, the question is where to go from here. How do the Republicans regroup?

One thing they need to do is own their mistakes - I don't just mean acknowledge that the previous administration was incompetent, dangerous, and potentially in violation of the law (sign the petition!), but I mean acknowledge that you veered down a dangerous path.

One of the quotes I read in the above-linked article troubles me with this necessity - Indiana's Representative Mike Pence: "the American people walked away from us, so now we’re in the wilderness.” No. They did not walk away from you - you followed a path that was not on the map you sold the People. The American people didn't walk away from the Republican Party, the Republican Party walked away from the American People. After 8 years of an administration that believed in cutting taxes, increasing spending, running around the Constitution and International Law (Geneva Conventions are the Supreme Law of the Land), and the most governmental expansion in the past 60 years, the American people chose not to follow you into that wilderness. What you need is not to draw the American People back to where you are, rather you need to go to where the American People are - and this is something President Obama thus far has done much more deftly than any politician in the past 20 years.

It's not a difficult choice when the choices are between a party whose current President encourages bipartisanship to such an extent that he makes 300 Million in tax cuts after meeting with the Republicans in Congress and trying to find common ground, and a party whose talk radio spokesman tells his dittoheads that he hopes the President "fails." Given the current void in a lead politician in the Republican Party, going to the chief dittohead for policy position is no stretch. The question is, will he remain the face of the Republican Party? If so, the Party shall remain to be a caricature of serious politics.

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Papamoka said...

At the CPAC meeting Rush Limbaugh declared himself King of the GOP and I posted about it. It's almost ironic that the GOP is pissed that the mess they dealt our nation is now a mess for the Democrats to clean up. History repeats itself over and over again and that is why the GOP was mostly out of power in the Congress for almost fourty years after the Great Depression. They gave everything to the rich till there was no more to give and then they walked away fat and happy like Rush and his CPAC friends. Greed is funny that way.

Great post Steve!