Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Super Bowl Halftime Show

They've had some big names in recent years. Ever since Janet Jackson and her nipple made their appearance, the Super Bowl has gone to well-established (i.e. old) performers - the Rolling Stones, Pal McCartney, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

The question posed on Mike & Mike in the morning a few days ago, and I think last year at some point, as well, was who should go on next? There are still a few strong performers out there, but who's really established that could fill the shoes?

The first (and probably most obvious) is Bon Jovi, and I think that would be well received, to be sure. But then who? I would think Queen would be a good fit, but are they the same without Freddie Mercury? I've not really heard them since he passed. I've heard the name AC/DC...

Any thoughts?