Saturday, April 18, 2009

Damn Activist Judges Strike Again!

I really don't understand what's going on with these judges in America. Man, they must REALLY hate our country. How else could they justify attacking our Nation's religion so much and so often? Clearly we are at war for our very country's soul!

What's happened to recently that put me in such a snit? Well, I'm glad you asked. I'm sure you've heard of the Country music group Diamond Rio, right? Is there anything more American than Country music? I mean, it's as American as Apple Pie! I'm not just saying that because I got to fly home in the same plane as Lyle Lovett, either (the man looks JUST like his photograph, it's uncanny). Well, this school in Florida has an assembly, and in the assembly, the third graders, all good loyal Americans who have said their Pledge of Allegiance, are given different songs to sing. One of the songs just happens to be a country song by Diamond Rio called In God We Still Trust. This is very American obviously, inasmuch as it's almost the same as what we have written on all our currency.

This is quite the patriotic song, too. The good folks at Americans United for Separation of Church and State have actually posted some of the lyrics, which I will relay here: "There’s no separation…We are one nation under Him…Now there are those among us, Who want to push Him out…From the schoolhouse to the courthouse, They’re silencing His word, Now it’s time for all believers, To make our voices heard."

Of course, some children, or their parents, just aren't good Americans. And they complained, like the whiners those anti-American anti-Christians they are (I know, it's redundant, but sometimes you have to be redundant to make your point). The school district, clearly showing more logic and composure than they had any real reason to, offered the insanely reasonable alternative that these children who didn't love their country could opt to not participate in the assembly at all. Wouldn't you know it - those Socialist God and America-hating people didn't like this completely fair and unbiased alternative at all, and they filed a lawsuit.

This is where the Activist Judges get involved. This guy must have really had his head shoved up his bum when he was learning civics, because he just completely turned the world on its head when he issued his holding. He actually had the gall (I cannot confirm whether he actually had his gall bladder, though) to side with these America-haters!

Using such devious tricks as "precedent," "stare decisis," and "the Constitution" to support his bench-legislation, he proceeded to hold that the school district was in the wrong for attempting to help its student body properly love this Christian nation. He had the nerve to refer to this as "proselytizing." Man, talk about marbles! from the article I just linked to, here's a quote from Judge Schlesinger, "In God We Still Trust [is a] song overtly espousing a specific religious viewpoint and attacking of those who do not share in the same belief."

Well escuse the heck out of me! But, I don't see the problem with people being told the right religion to have to love our country. This activist clearly is telling people that there's no room for God in America. You can tell by the bile (which would indicate that he DOES still have his gall bladder) in his opinion that he's just another America-hating liberal activist judge. I mean, the guy brings up the old canard "wall of separation," as though it's what the author of the First Amendment meant when he wrote "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibitng the free exercise thereof." I mean, it's almost as if he took Lemon, and Santa Fe, Lee v. Weisman, and the other cases clearly establishing the meaning of the First Amendment's religion clause and followed them like they were right, or something.

"But Steve," I hear you asking, "How do we know he's an activist judge?" Well, that's simple - he's gotta be a liberal given his audacity to rule against God, and he's clearly been appointed by - George H.W. Bush?! Well, wait just a moment. You know what, now that I go back and look at this again, with "fresh" eyes, I can see what genius there is in his writing. He makes such a cogent argument! It's as though I'm looking at the First Amendment all over again, only it's with eyes wide open! What brilliance! What loquaciousness! What art! Clearly, this man is a genius!