Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Sunday

I should be working. We have plenty to get through and few people qualified to do it. Yet, I'm apparently procrastinating. I did manage to get to church, though - 2 weeks in a row. We find it very good for the kids.

I also cut the grass in the front yard. It was due, though not overdue. More importantly, I edged the driveway, which was definitely overdue.

And, I've read Bybee's torture memo wherein he justifies all the actions the US wanted to do to coerce testimony from al Zubaydah. It's chilling the lengths to which people will go to justify unjust actions. Of course, to the Bush appointee, nothing that they want to do is torture, because none of it causes "severe pain and suffering" for a continued period necessary to qualify. It is as bad as the pundits say, and as conclusory as one might fear - never does he question whether the torturers will do just what they've asked, nor does he question their position, rather, he says, essentially, "You say you don't want this to be torture, so it isn't." That's reprehensible, and that this was done to justify actions perpetrated in the name of our country makes it all the worse.

There's plenty to say about these memos, more than can be put in one post, and others have covered it more clearly than I, but I most sincerely join them in their condemnation of what transpired under President Bush's watch and with his tacit approval.

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