Friday, April 17, 2009

Where's the Outrage?

Remember a couple days ago, when the Right's News was touting the "Tea Parties?" Giving PR to this "grassroots movement" started by Rush et al? The problem was with the undermining of our liberties, the increases of taxes (which I've not yet seen, nor would I necessarily oppose, given our current debacle), and increase in spending (continuing on the trend started 8 years ago).

We now have evidence (proof), through all the torture memos that have been released, of the extent to which the previous administration worked to justify their position that torture 1: was not torture, or 2: even if it was, it was all right to do so because it didn't happen on the U.S. proper.

Where's the outrage from those tea partiers? The outrage foisted on the previous administration for udnermining the some of the very things we hold dear in our nation (life and liberty?)

It's simple - it isn't there, because the previous administration had an "R" next to its name. Some of those former administration officials (well, at least one) have already gone on the record accusing the current President of making the country weaker against terrorism - by releasing these memos.

Beyond the pale.

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