Thursday, April 16, 2009

Give the Guy a Break

Look, I'm no fan of Rick Perry. I rather think he's a lousy governor. But I think the vitriol being spewed in his direction for his comments that people might start thinking secession is a little much.

Also, I noticed in the article that includes Rick Perry's quote, that there were several signs and comments made to the effect of "We're tired of the spending." President Obama has been in office for 3 months. That's all. And you're tired of the reckless spending? What about the 32 TRILLION in future medicare obligations entered into by the previous President? Where was the anger and outrage then? Does anyone SERIOUSLY believe that President Obama is somehow attempting to bankrupt this country? Give him a chance to fix the big stinking pile of crap he inherited. He deserves that much, at least.

I saw some of the tea partiers yesterday, holding signs that I'm sure they thought were clever, but rreally missed whatever point they were trying to make. One thing I didn't see? Any protesters who appeared to be Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, or intelligent.

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