Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fantasy Worlds

That's what Dick Cheney is apparently left with. First off, he has his daughter on television saying with a straight face that the "enhanced interrogation program" that the Bush administration implemented was not "torture," despite the fact that we have prosecuted and hanged others for doing the same thing. He and his claim that these techniques were and are used by our SERE teams in training - yet excludes that these are taught to our military as being what the enemy, who has no regard for the Geneva Treaties, does. Of course, we know the Bush Administration's disdain for the Geneva accords, as well, so perhaps that's not a stretch.

But, as Andrew Sullivan notes, Dick Cheney has painted himself into a corner where he's forced to even lie about the effectiveness of the torture performed at the administration's OK (and remember, this had gone on BEFORE they asked for retroactive approval for what they had been doing.)

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