Monday, April 13, 2009

So Tired

I've worked late nights every night for the last two work weeks save one, when I stayed late at work. I've worked every weekend during that period, as well, though not a full 8 hours - usually 2-4.

Last night, I clocked out at about 10, and within a few minutes was preparing for bed. I finally started nodding off just around midnight when my sleep was interrupted by a creaking noise. I got up to investigate and saw The Boy attempting to sneak out the front door.

It took him over half an hour to explain to us why he was up at midnight trying to go outside ("I wanted to see what the street looked like in the dark"). After that, it was another half hour before I was comfortably back in bed, able to relax enough to doze off.

We're up at 6 this morning for work and school, and I'll probably be working this evening, as well.

I'm already tired.

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Gramma said...

Knowing "the Boy" that really doesn't surprise me so much. He has a curiosity for things, and an imagination. I'm glad he is safe.