Sunday, September 04, 2005

Back in Maryland

When I was stationed in Maryland, my friends and I used to make a lot of trips up to Baltimore, or we'd drive through on our way to Philadelphia, NY, etc. Now, the Freeway we took up to Baltimore crossed the Chesapeake. However, the route we took (most convenient) took us through a tunnel, as opposed to over a bridge.

Now, in Downtown Baltimore, the place for college kids and 20 somethings to hang out is known as Fell's Point. Being 20-something at the time, my friends and I liked to make trips up there. We'd take one car to save on the toll/gas and not get lost (more beer money). So, we'd go up, and of course we'd have to cross the Chesapeake to get there. The strangest thing was that, whenever we would enter the tunnel, my friend would start convulsing, foaming at the mouth, just having what looked to be epileptic fits. After the fourth or fifth time, we finally convinced him to go in to the clinic at Kimbrough (the clinic at Fort Meade) to find out what was wrong.

My friend told the doctor his symptoms and the circumstances around it, and the doctor looked him over and said "This is simple. You have Car Pool - Tunnel syndrome."

We took the bridge from then on.


Michelle said...

LOL...eewwwwwwwww....stick to your day job Steve!

Bruce said...

That's just wrong.