Monday, September 26, 2005

Have a Coke and a Smile

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I'm a bit of a Coca-cola fan. I drink it zealously, well, maybe not like a zealot; I don't think they had Coke back then.

I don't just drink with Coca-cola; I cook with it. Some of my favorite recipes are barbecued pork, Coq au Coke, crab bisque with Sprite, and Bulgoki with Coke. It's quite a good mixer. Some day I hope to try salted peanuts mixed in with Coke.

I have the Coca-cola Cookbook (Classic Cooking with Coca-cola), and on page 187 it lists a miscellaneous use for Coke. Apparently, you can use Coca-cola to clean up your windshield. If you are driving in the rain and have a bunch of road film build-up, you can splash some Coke on the windshield and let the wipers spread it around. This is slightly different than using it to clean your engine, which I've never tried, though I did use it once to clean battery acid off the battery. It didn't work as well as I'd hoped. It was also a waste of a good Coca-cola. Another experiment was putting a nail in a Coke. I left a nail in a coke for 3 days and it didn't dissolve. Nope. It just became sticky, and wasted another perfectly good Coke. Stupid people, trying to badmouth Coca-cola. For shame.


Weary Hag said...

Oops. Pepsi drinker here (well, back in the days when I would drink soda at all). Doesn't matter though - it all comes down to the same bean. :)

Michelle said...

Pepsi here too. I remember when Dr Pepper was introduced into Australia.....we don't sell it anymore here, everyone hated it!

Bookworm said...

My children take it as gospel truth (speaking of zealots) that a tooth left for three days in Coke will dissolve. I'll have to try the experiment one day, since I suspect it's a bit more likely to work than the nail in Coke trick.

Michelle said...

Bookworm, my daughters class did that test, her report back to me was that the sports drink "Powerade or Gatorade" dissolved or ate into the tooth much more than coke did!

Steve said...

Here's a scary thought: Someone in America actually convinced the Government to give them a grant to test the effectiveness of various Coca-cola products for use as spermicides. Reportedly, Diet coke was the most successful, but none of them were markedly effective. "Coca-Cola is not a contraceptive; it is a soft drink" I think is the quote one of the researches gave in his conclusion.
I can't tell you how they utilized coca-cola as a contraceptive.