Saturday, September 17, 2005

I love a parade

In 1836, a band of Texans fought for and received their independence from the Mexican government. They got all of Texas, and got to run it for a few years before they realized it was better if they left it to the Pros of the United States.

This morning, in Houston, there was a parade downtown to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. In Houston. Texas. Which isn't Mexico.

I understand the importance of heritage to people. I come from a healthy mix of nationalities, and my kids encompanss even more. I just don't understand having an indepence day parade for a nation that 1. you aren't, and 2. you fought a war to get away from. I don't think many Ukrainians celebrate the October Revolution, though I might be wrong.


Gramma said...

A lot of people just love a parade I guess. Remember when you led the parade in Illinois? Well, maybe you didn't actually lead it, but you were in it.

Speaking of parades, I sure would like to hear some baby stories. I have some pretty incredible grands, and I don't hear enough about what they're doing. BTW, still waiting for a copy of the family portrait.

English Professor said...

Steve, I must be confused. I didn't think Mexican Independence Day had anything to do with Texas. I understand what you're saying about having a parade in Houston to celebrate a Mexican holiday, but my understanding is that "16 de Septiembre" celebrates Mexico's independence from Spain.

Steve said...

I thought this might be confusing.
You're correct about 16 de Septiembre. I don't have any quarrels about Mexico celebrating their independence day. I don't have any quarrels about Mexicans in the U.S. celebrating Mexican Independence Day. I think it's ironic that a country (state) that fought for independence from one country would have a parade to celebrate that country's own independence.

It doesn't have anything to do with Texas, which is why I thought it superfluous, like a Bastille Day parade in Hanoi.

English Professor said...

Got it.! said...

Steve, I know you're a newcomer and all, so I'll forgive you for not understanding that Texas is also known as "Mexico Ocupado."