Monday, September 19, 2005

Perhaps we should try this here

A Green Party politician stated that he intends to keep his word and run naked through the streets as a result of his opponent's victory in a recent New Zealand election. The local Newmarket Business Association will help Mr. Keith Locke (the legislator) by announcing his impending trip down Broadway.

I think this is a fine thing, and I'm glad that Mr. Locke intends to honor his vow. I also think that this is an excellent manner of losing an election. I would like to see this country enact legislation that would require the loser of Congressional/Presidential elections to run naked down the main street of the Capitol of their state, or, in the case of the President, from the Capitol building to the White House.

Perhaps the threat of airing their wieners and boobs would result in fewer candidates who actually are wieners and boobs.


Gramma said...

I wonder if he is any relation to former WA governor, Gary Locke? Is he Chinese? Maybe Gary Locke should run naked down the street. All the teachers he cheated out of their COLA could throw pop cans at him. He's a wiener.

Bookworm said...

The only problem, as the Zombie operative demonstrates, is that those whose political stripe leads them to nudity, very seldom have bodies most people would want to see (caution, this link leads to pictures that are not for the faint of heart).