Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Humorous Anecdote

You know it's humorous, because I said so in the Title Box. That's the great thing about the title box.

At any rate, my mother in law was in town for the hurricane, which was good, because it gave us another person with whom the kids could share their attention while cooped up, and I genuinely like my mother in law. She left yesterday, and has been fighting a little bit of a cold the last couple of days. She needed to blow her nose yesterday morning, and took a piece of Alabama Kleenex with which to do so. The Boy saw her take it from the bathroom and said in a very Grown-Up manner, "Grandma, we don't save toilet paper in this house."
He's now ready to face the world.


Alec said...

Adorable. I esspecially like the "Alabama Kleenex" line... that's a keeper. We used to call it "yankee gauze"

Thanks for the link to the article... Amazing what the people @ these demonstrations will do. I may not have been in support of starting the war in Iraq...still am not... but once there we all have to pull together and get the job done. The clowns at these protests NEED to learn about the damage that they are doing... By the way, did you sede what mother Sheehan said about McCain???

Bookworm said...

Never heard the term "Alabama Kleenex." Great expression (unless your an Alabaman, I guess).

Michelle said...

Heh, what a cutie!