Monday, September 19, 2005

Lip Service

Just when you thought they were taking it away, North Korea pulls the carrot just a little bit closer once again. The carrot? A pledge to halt its Nuclear program. We know they're telling the truth because they promised. And North Korea has been so forthright in the past.

As part of the deal, the US and the ROK reaffirmed their declarations that they have no nuclear weapons on the peninsula, and all parties respected the DPRK's sovereign right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy. They agreed to work on a proposal for a light water reactor in the future - when it's more appropriate.

the ROK reaffirmed its proposal to provide the DPRK with 2 million kilowatts of electric power to the DPRK.

You have to give the Chonger some credit. He knows how to keep getting things for free. Not only that, but he knows how to profit off of getting things for free. Here, he basically has five nations subsidizing his country, supplying the food, the gas, the electricity - leaving him free to grow heroin, opium, and tobacco (for counterfeit cigarettes) on the 30% of his country that constitutes arable land.

We criticized President Clinton for making concessions with the Chonger and his dad. We can't trust the North Koreans to hold their promises. We know that they don't do what they say. Yet here we are again, getting a promise from the DPRK which is little more than lip service to keep the good times coming in.

If any country/region needed a regime change, this is it.


heatherfeather said...

one of the funnier things i've heard in recent d ays is that michael moore said that the chonger needs to return yoko's sunglasses.

and ugh, i've been following this closely and ugh...

Bookworm said...

So I'm not the only one who suspects that the N.K.s will take the promised food to feed to their troops, and continue on their merry way.

Steve said...

It ceases to amaze me the contortions we will make in trying to maintain the status quo on the Korean Peninsula.

One thing that comes to mind is the collapse of the German industrial machine when the Berlin Wall came down. The ROK is currently a top ten nation in terms of economy, and we have quite a lot invested in their country. The technology gap between the two countries would almost certainly strain if not break the economic base that drives South Korea.

Is it possible that we are sacrificing human lives in order to turn a profit, at the expense of the long term stability of the region?