Saturday, May 13, 2006

Any Time's a Good Time to Study

The Daughter is sick. Really. She honked in her bed, on one of her puppies, the one I gave her from when I was young. Poor girl. She's been crying for a couple hours about not feeling well. Unfortunately, she cries about not feeling well quite often, so it's a little harder to take her at face value. Combine that with the fact that she rarely does get sick (we've been blessed with rather healthy children), and it takes an act of vomiting to really convince us.

So now she's in our bed with mom. Mom got up with her while she was crying and generally carrying on, so I'm ok with getting up now. My job is to wash the covers and the dog. This normally would be a three minute job, but it's the weekend, so we're in the midst of our 18 loads of laundry that we must do. This isn't a problem for normal people, of course, but we have demon dryer. Demon dryer likes to get hot - really hot. And demon dryer likes to get clothes hot. But Demon Dryer doesn't understand the core duty of a dryer, even though it's imbedded in its name - to dry. This means that we get to spend an hour and a half trying to get three socks, a onesy, 2 pairs of boy's pants, a dress and two shirts unwet enough to put on the back of a chair so it can air dry. Since we only did round 1 before bedtime, I get to stay up waiting for round 2 to finish, while the honked-upon sheets marinate.

So how do I pass the time? By blogging, of course. Well, blogging and studying. You see, I have two more exams this semester, Wills[, Trusts and Estates] and A&P (Agency and Partnership). Back in boot camp, the rule was, if you were not marching or in class, you were studying. That meant any time the formation halted, you opened up your BMTM2 and started learning about the chain of command or various articles of the UCMJ, or random rank structure, or whatever. That has sort of carried on to real life. Now, instead of opening the book and reading, I open the file on my laptop and watch it from behind my game of spider solitaire (I'm Kidding! Sort of!).

Well, Demon Dryer just bellowed some Coptic Gibberish at me, so it must be time to hang the clothes out to dry. Now to make some sheet stew.


Gramma said...

I really think you could give Dave Barry a little bit of a run. Your posts on family life are so amusing, and so full of love...

Michelle said...

I hope your daughter is feeling much better now :o)