Wednesday, May 24, 2006


At about 4:50 this morning, the daughter climbed into our bed. I woke up, looked over and saw her sitting there, bright, happy smile on her face, "I love you, daddy!"
"I love you too, honey."
"You're MY daddy!" (Note, this means that no matter what I can't get mad at her this morning)
"Thanks, sweetie, it's time to lay down and get some sleep"
"OK" - She then lays down almost long enough for the pillow to move from the weight of her head
"Daddy, I need gotta look outside." gets up (climbing over me) and looks out the window, and starts singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
"Very good honey, now lay down"
"OK." She lays down, hugs my arm for a couple minutes, then, apparently deciding that 3 minutes was sufficient rest, sits up again.
"Honey, you need to get some sleep"
"Daddy, it's time gotta get up, we need gotta eat breakfast"
"It's not six o'clock yet, sweetheart"
"It's gonna be six o'clock, we need get up, I'll get your glasses" (I can't argue with this logic, in part because it makes no sense to an adult and in part because I'm only conscious in the sense a cocker spaniel is conscious of Thursday.)
We go downstairs, and the daughter tells me she needs cereal. After the great debate, we settle on GoLean Crunch. This cereal looks like GrapeNuts on steroids and tastes like GrapeNuts on steroids.
So she starts eating cereal and I get on the computer to check the news, my blog, e-mail, etc. At some point during this computer check, the daughter finished her breakfast and disappeared. She had gone upstairs and fallen asleep again. Typical.


Papamoka said...

Sounds very familiar to this father of five...where as I can proudly say...Been there and done that.

Thanks for the link.

English Professor said...

Oh, I think that's very sweet. Especially since my daughter is past that stage. :-)

English Professor said...

Today is Wednesday
I came here to do haiku
Studying too hard?

Michelle said...

LOL, ahh yes, sounds like my daughter 5 years ago!

Hannelie said...

Aah, how sweet!