Monday, May 08, 2006

If you can't say something nice...

I have several blogs on my blogroll. More than some, fewer than others. But I keep them there for one reason, I like the authors, and I read all almost daily. For a quick rundown of what you may want to see, I offer the following:

Becker Posner blog - Judge Richard Posner and Professor Gary Becker of the University of Chicago. This blog takes an issue and each author posts his opinion on the matter, open to discussion by all readers. After a period, they do a follow up post addressing the comments from the previous post. Excellent examples of reasoned, supported thought and definitely worth consideration, even if you don't share their ideas.

Bookworm Room - Bookworm is my favorite Crypto Conservative. Ironically, being crypto seems to draw out her desire to speak her mind vociferously. She supports her opinions and defends her positions quite well. While I don't always agree with her positions on a subject, I admire that she is willing to consider opposing opinions and I often find that her reasoned replies can soften my opinion (if not change it altogether). I'm very proud to call her a blog friend.

Galactic Patrol - Bruce is a Microsoft guy on one hand and a husband and father on the other. He has some of the best ideas on topics that I'd never think to think about. For example, he recently posted on opposition/support for the tax program and criteria for enhanced support. Those articles are good enough on their own, but then you add random eclectic items like how to cheat at dice and you've got a winner. My only complaint? After reading his blog for almost a year and a half, he still hasn't put me on his blogroll.

I'll Explain This When You Are Older - JMJanssen is a college student at the University of Minnesota in Morris. At least, he is until he graduates on the 13th. His is a blog where you can read up on some very well thought out topics, as you'd expect from a college student who hasn't had several years to become lackadaisal and opinionated. His mind speaks well for his future.

Jack's Mama - This is my sister. While some might think that she lived a privileged life, after all, she did grow up with me as a big brother/role model, she managed to keep a level head on her shoulders. She does an excellent job of inviting you into her life through her writing, getting a feel of what it's like to be the mom of a precocious little boy who loves life for itself. Read her.

Legal Jargon - Bellejar is, according to her blog, the greatest legal mind in her living room. She takes interesting tidbits of life and shares them with the rest of us. She also has the ability to intermingle legal issues, such as blockbuster or classism with grants, or what have you. She's a welcome addition to the sidebar.

Matthew's Place (actually, Matthew's Foray into Blogging) - Matthew is a graduate of my law school and a practicing lawyer a little ways north of where I live. I met him on the blog through a couple other bloggers and found that his perspective as a "baby lawyer" learning the trade and practicing here in the Greater Houston area intriguing. I enjoy his reading, and he has a big brother way of posting on my blog that reminds me to get back to work (btw, thank you for all past and future innocuous reminders, be they intentional or unintentional).

Nuje - Nuje is a drummer with the Drop Trio and the Nuje Improv Trio, inter alia. He's also the husband of my wife's Matron of honor, and one very good friend. If you want info on music, his is the blog to check out. If you want good music, check out drop trio. If you want REALLY GREAT MUSIC, then ask me, I have his old Anachronauts cassette.

One Step Sideways - This is my wife's blog. I put it on the sidebar because, well, it's my wife and I want to be able to sleep in my bed. I joke. My wife is one of the busiest people I know. She works a full time job, sells Mary Kay on the side, makes bead necklaces and earrings for a hobby, grows plants, does laundry, raises children, picks up socks, and puts up with me, though I temper it with my excellent sense of humour.

Particleman - He does things only a particle can. This is one cool dude. If there was anyone I would want to teach me how to play guitar and about patent law, it would be this guy. His blog gives one a view of law school life from a single guy perspective as well as travels, hanging out with friends, etc. I pretty much live vicariously through reading his blog.

Raise Your Hand If... - This is Gramma's blog. She's still feeling her way out in her blog, trying to deal with an uncooperative computer that doesn't always let her post. She has some great comments on this blog, though.

Red Hot Mamma - This is one of my favorite people in law school. RHM is good people. Her blog can run the gamut, from domestic life to social events to law school issues to politics and even to drinking, hers is the place to go. RHM is one of the reasons I am still in law school, her help during finals has been invaluable. She's also one of the social outlets through which I live vicariously. I even managed to get her to eat at a Korean restaurant where she had to share her water with my son (who ate a piece of raw garlic despite the warnings against it) and I convinced her to eat schmaltz, which I recommend to anyone who is willing to try it.

South Texas Law Professor - Professor Stevenson was my CrimLaw professor my first semester. While I think he looks a lot like Tony Shalhoub in Monk, I think he's at least as smart as the Monk character. This guy is sharp and he's got a good sense about him. He's just getting back to blogging after a bit of a hiatus, but he's doing well on his new issues of law and language.

Swandive - What can you say about Heatherfeather other than - Heatherfeather, you rock! You are a wonderful person who does fun things and enjoys being you. I love reading this blog, because the way she writes makes you feel like you're part of her inner circle.

The Cerebral Outpost - Carol is an excellent writer of life's happenings. What she lacks in quantity she more than compensates for in quality. Every time I read one of her posts, I'm reminded of a similar instance in my life. She's great fun.

The Lady Justitia - Michelle is an Australian law student (right?). Her blog is full of life down under and covered with lovely photos. She's got a demanding job that she loves and a daughter who she makes no secret she's enamored with. I love reading her posts, they're poignant, thoughtful, cheerful, contemplative, and/or excellent, depending on the topic.

The Moderate Voice - Joe Gandelman's site. Joe is a journalist who does a lot of political posts. Some of what he writes is left of center, some right, but he usually has a pretty good point when he posts. His co-bloggers are all top notch, as well. Perhaps the best indication that he's truly a moderate is the fact that every week there's someone from either the far left or the far right who asks him how he can call himself a moderate based on one of his posts.

12-e - Sam hasn't posted in months, probably because he's busy with mock trial, moot court, law review, law school, tutoring, teaching, and general life. I think we can excuse him.

War Professor - EP is one of the first bloggers I met and is still one of my favorites. She is working on her dissertation right now, and is teaching at a college here in TX (hence the name). She writes some very excellent posts and welcomes all opinions. Stop by; you'll be glad you did.

And there you have it. Something quick about all my links. Thanks for keeping me reading, everyone. I enjoy it, and I'm sure I'll be adding to this as I go along.


Bruce said...

Thanks! I have corrected the serious blogroll deficiency that you pointed out - pure laziness on my part, I assure you. Your blog now has its proper place on my blogroll.

I used to (try to) read the Becker Posner blog, but it was just so dense with ideas, that I just couldn't find the time to read it in a manner that would do it justice - its not really stuff you can just skim.

Not sure if you knew that Legal Jargon is the product of my better half...

I notice you use the term 'inter alia' - interesting to me, because my wife's nascent law firm is called "Inter Alia Law":

(You'll notice that she also quickly snagged L.COM, right after they announced that one-letter domain names were coming on the market.)

Matthew said...

Thanks for the kind mention. I enjoy reading your blog, too.

I have Posner's blog bookmarked. His judicial opinions are always entertaining to read, as well. A professor at our alma mater, in describing how incredibly prolific a writer Posner is, told me that Posner has dedicated his life to putting his thoughts on paper. Posner requires of himself that he write twenty pages every day.

Steve said...

Nascent, you say, Bruce? I checked it out; she's looking at King and Snohomish counties? I guess, since Bellejar reads here as well, I can address her directly. Bellejar, how big is your firm to be? What practice areas are you considering? Are you looking for associates (I might know someone in Everett)?

Steve said...

Matthew, always glad to bring it up.

I've been pretty impressed with Posner's writing, usually, though I have found times where I've thought he was wrong, or didn't speak his position quite convincingly enough, but that's a rarity.

Bellejar said...

Hey Steve, Right now we have two lawyers - me and my partner and we practice in North King and Snohomish County. We have been practicing as Inter Alia for about a year now. I have to say I like the pace in Everett better than that in Seattle. No plans to take an associate just yet but later down the road I am sure it will probably happen.
I do a lot of wills and trusts, landlord tenant, general business and contract stuff. My area of practice prior to having my children as you may know was ERISA and healthcare law. I am moving these days mostly estate planning and am probably going to get more into elder law and special needs trusts and the like.

Steve said...

It sounds like you're interested more in transactional type stuff. That's closer to what I want to do; sadly (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I've learned that I'm not a litigator. Wills and contracts are interesting to me; I might have to bother you in a year or so. ;-)

Bellejar said...

I am also not a litigator. My partner, he is the litigator. That is the main reason we are partners. I think my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa. I am an excellent researcher and writer and he is a really great negotiator. We are doing a really interesting timber tresspass case right now that I am sure I would not have done on my own, but with his input it has been a good experience.

Cassie said...

oooooooh!!! Bellejar please take my brother on so he can move closer to us!!!
Of course I don't know if this is what he wants but I never cared much what other people want as long as I get what I want ;) j/k. And Kirsten might have something to say in all this too. Ahh, just wishful thinking. Would like to have my whole family within driving distance.

Gramma said...

Ditto, Cassie.

Michelle said...

Awwww Steve, that was so lovely :o)
I had to giggle though, you just can't quite post anything about Cassie or Kirsten without having that wee bit of a tease!

Cassie said...

You've noticed that Michelle? I have too. Although I think that I might share the affliction...

Steve said...

We don't want them getting too comfortable for their own good, Michelle. It's gotta be tough for them to remain humble having spent so much of their lives in my presence, so sometimes I have to remind them that they put their pants on one leg at a time, as well.

JMJanssen said...

That's lovely of you to say. I have to be hoenst in that I haven't checked out the other blogs on your sidebar. Am doing so now.

Kirsten said...

I'm on strike after you and the children beamed my in the head with your rolled-up socks. Oh, the things I must put up with out of love. [Dramatic sigh]

Bellejar said...

Cassie, I too would love to have my family within driving distance, but I don't know if we'll be needing extra hands for awhile. However, were Steve to want to hang a shingle for himself (which I would very highly recommend) I might be able to offer some assistance. There is a great book about starting your own practice by Jay Foonberg.... can't remember the name.