Monday, May 22, 2006

This is news?

"Clinton Reveals her iPod playlist"

The title pretty much sums up everything you need to know, I guess. Hillary Clinton has an iPod, and on it are songs that she likes. Wow.

The article does note in passing that Hillary is "a possible presidential candidate in 2008," which might explain this otherwise uninteresting news release.

While I'm sure Hillary has many fans, I don't think she's at the Jackie O stage of life, where people hang on her every act. I could be wrong of course, but it just doesn't seem to be the case.

If not for celebrity gossip, then why the news release? This is what drives us back to the presidential candidate comment. Hillary seems to be in an image reform mode, starting from last year. This seems to be an effort to show that she's a "regular Jane," who is not unlike most of America. I would probably put this release among the other steps Hillary has taken to show that she is trying to move to the middle. The question is, will anyone believe it, or will people remember the Hillary of the 1990s?

I will not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, merely because I believe she is as far left as President Bush is far right, despite her apparent efforts to show otherwise, and I believe a President needs to be much more moderate.


Bellejar said...

I remember living in Georgia how much animosity most of the southerners I knew had for Hillary for no specific reason whatsoever. I don't think she is Ralph Nader left or anything, but I would like a nice moderate democratic candidate who could actually win this time around. I think putting her on the ticket would alienate a lot of republicans who might otherwise vote democrat. Although I think she might make a better running mate than Geraldine Ferraro did were it to come to that! As far as her Ipod list I could care less. I love my Ipod and everything but to say that it says something about you what your ipod playlist has on it is nutty.

English Professor said...

It's probably not an authentic list, anyway--is she really going to reveal that she loves The Village People and Milli Vanilli?

Of course, releasing her Ipod playlist isn't as bad as when she and Barbara Bush were duking it out in public with their chocolate chip cookie recipes. Awful.