Thursday, May 11, 2006

Interesting places

I've been to a few interesting places in my life:

Boston Common
Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia home
Fort McHenry
Edgar Allen Poe's Baltimore home
Stonewall Jackson's tomb, well for everything but his arm.
Washington DC, all inclusive, substituting the dept. of health and human services for the Smithsonian (not really interesting story as to how)
Fort Deaborn (I think that's the name of the fort near Detroit)
Henry Ford Museum, which included Abe Lincoln's Ford Theatre chair and Thomas Edison's last breath
Mackinac Island
Greenfield Village
Tiger Stadium - the best ballpark ever.
The Gateway Arch
The badlands
The Space Needle
Mt. Rainier
Universal Studios
San Diego Zoo
Monterey Aquarium
National Aquarium
The Mayflower
Plymouth Rock
Manassas (Bull Run)
San Jacinto Battleground
USS Texas
USS Missouri
USS Pampanito
Golden Gate Bridge/park
San Francisco trolleys - tourist thing, had to be done
Winchester Mansion
Big Sur
Cannery Row
Salinas, CA
USS Constitution
The Alamo
Fort Concho
Namdaemun and Tongdaemun in Seoul
Both Continental Divides
Mason Dixon line
Sault Ste. Marie
4 of the Great Lakes - Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie and St. Claire
Empire State Building
Verrazano Bridge
Atlantic City Boardwalk
Liberty Bell
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Gulf of Mexico
Mississippi River (on a riverboat!)
Stanley Park
Cheers (the real one, in Boston).

I daresay I've played a bit of tourist in my day.

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Cassie said...

I thought Lake St. Clair wasn't one of the Great Lakes... Just a really huge not great one.