Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day off

Today is my day off. I finished my last final last night, somewhat anticlimactic considering the stress I was feeling about the final. I know I didn't ace it, but it seemed easy enough. We'll have to see what happens.

Tomorrow I go back to work. It's tough to work for a job that doesn't pay enough to afford to work. But I need the experience, and it's not a bad office.

My plans for today are pretty busy - I'm going to take a nap, watch an episode of Monk or two, write on my paper which is due a week from next Monday (I want to get that done by Sunday), and get my hair cut. It's long overdue for a trim - I look rather bushy. Finals takes a lot of my concentration, alternating between stressing and trying to relax.

In other news, Red Hot Mamma is going to Malta today. She's taking summer school. I would have taken summer school, but the school has rules restricting eligibility, and I wasn't eligible. I don't get it. They have an allotted number of slots. Those slots aren't filled. There are people willing to go. It would make sense to me to allow those students interested and able to go, go. I can understand giving priority, but otherwise you're denying an opportunity to yourself and the student.

Oh well. What do I know?

In other news, it might not be possible for us to go to Michigan this summer after all. It would cost nearly 2500 for the family to fly up there, and with three kids between 2 and 7, driving isn't necessarily a powerful option.

I'm sure there's a way to make it happen. I REALLY want to get the family up to the cabin, for the kids' sake and my own. But we're limited in means and time, so it's going to be tough. We'll see what happens.


heatherfeather said...

at least you had a bright, shining moment last night to reflect upon, well, me.

and to rail against the injustice of the fact that your wills professor is perpetuating the silly, emptyheaded stereotype of people named heather.

Matthew said...

Congratulations on finishing the semester.

I worked for no pay one summer during law school. I just needed the experience. I was not in the top miniscule fraction of a percent of my class, so I was unable to land one of those high-paid clerkships

Don't try to understand the administration. There is no logic behind what they do.

Might a van or RV rental be a possible means of transporting the family to the cabin in Michigan?