Saturday, May 13, 2006


I just got back from my professional responsibility exam. The basic concept for finding the right answer in pro res is:
1. What costs the lawyer the most money?
2. What would Jesus do?
3. Is there an option where the lawyer has to turn himself in?

The right answer is usually one of those three.


Bookworm said...

No, no, no. Not number 2. When I was in law school, all of us in my year spent a Saturday taking a review course for the Multi-State Professional Responsibility exam. All of us but one, that is -- he was a dear man, and a deeply fundamental Christian. He claimed that, when it came to Professional Responsibility, Jesus would be his guide. He was the only student in the history of our law school to fail the Multi-State exam.

Steve said...

OK, I just laughed out loud at that one!